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Five Facts About Court Reporters

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Court reporters are a very integral part of the courtroom. Here’s five things to know about court reporters, one of the most important components of a successful trial.

Facts about court reporters.

1. Writing Faster Than You Can Talk

Court reporters who are fluent in shorthand writing can record up to 300 words per minute by hand (with a plain pen and paper). They can effectively not only type, but write faster than you can talk.

2. Minimum Rate of 225 Words Per Minute

On average, court reporters must be able to type at least 225 words per minute, which is more than five times as fast as the average typing speed. At Datascope, we make sure each of our court reporters work above and beyond that speed.

3. Court Reporting Remains High Demand

Court reporting, as a profession, is expected to have 5,500 open positions nationally within the following decade, according to the Texas Court Reporters Association.

“I’m sure judges think they’re the most important people in the courtroom, but if the court reporter is not doing their job, then you’re never going to get justice,” said defense attorney Ronald L. Goranson.

4. They Can Keep Courtroom Records for 15 Years

Court reporters are, in essence, the official keepers of courtroom records. Court reporters not only record all that is said in the courtroom, but they are personally responsible for storing a copy of this record for up to 15 years.

5. Datascope Provides Quality Court Reporters in Texas

Datascope has been providing court reporters in Texas since 1974. Datascope reporters take depositions locally and all across Texas. Reporters utilize the latest technologies. Nationwide service is available.

We understand the litigation support business better than anyone in Texas. Our long list of loyal attorney and law firm clients provides testimony to our commitment to providing fast, professional, and reliable court reporters. Call us today to schedule quality court reporting service. Our phone lines are open 24/7.

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