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What are the Pros of a Video Conference Deposition?

Datascope Admin - Friday, October 17, 2014

Many people prefer face-to-face meetings whenever possible. This is especially true in a traditional field such as law. However, there are many times when costs, time constraints, or other factors may make taking a deposition in person impractical. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, there are several pros to deposing a witness via a video conference deposition.

Reduced Travel Expenses

A deposition will require paying for flights, hotel nights, meals, and ground transportation. When you need to cover expenses for multiple attorneys, support staff, and witnesses, the cost can add up quickly. Keeping everyone local drops the expenses down to the hourly cost of a videoconference studio, court reporter, and maybe a parking fee.

Avoid Personal Time Away from Home

Travel doesn't just have a financial cost. The nights and possibly weekends away from home take a personal toll as well. Keep the morale of your attorneys and support staff high by keeping them after hours only when absolutely necessary. This is especially important when the deposition of a key witness is expected to take multiple days.

Improve Efficiency

Attorneys who are traveling for a deposition lose time to work on other matters. While clients might be required to pay for travel expenses and time, they would likely be happier to receive a lower bill. The firm's revenues are also almost surely to be increased if the attorneys are spending that time on substantive matters instead.

Keep Witnesses Happy

Witnesses hate being deposed. This is especially true when a witness ends up taking time off from their job to be deposed and aren't being paid for their time. Boost their cooperation and reduce the likelihood of hostile testimony by keeping witnesses as close to home as possible.

Create a Full Video Record

Most litigators are well aware of the benefits of having a video recording of a deposition so the jury can see and hear the witness testify, as opposed to just reading a transcript. A video conference deposition can provide this benefit without the additional cost of a videographer.

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