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What are the Duties of Court Reporters in Houston?

Datascope Admin - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A court reporter is also known as stenographer and is fluent in shorthand. Court reporters in Houston have an occupation where they listen to people speaking and put it into written form for official record. This is a highly developed skill learned over years of practice and experience.

Typical Duties of Court Reporters in Houston Include:

Attending Hearings, Depositions or Other Events Requiring a Written Transcript

Creating word-for-word copies of speeches, legal proceedings, business meetings, and various other conversations is the daily grind of what a court reporter is expected to do. Courts expect an exact rendering of what was said during a trial or other proceeding. The court reporter must be precise and take copious notes of everything that was said.

Using Specialized Equipment

Court reporters are expected to use equipment specialized for the purpose of recording audio and video to capture spoken dialogue.

Reading or Playing Back Some or All Proceedings at the Request of the Judge

A judge and the attorneys in court expect the court reporter to assist in capturing, organizing and producing the official record which everyone else then uses as "gospel truth" for future information. Having these transcripts on record allows everyone to search effectively for the data they need within the transcript.

Further Court Reporting Duties Include:

  1. Requesting speakers to speak louder or clarify a statement that was inaudible
  2. Reviewing notes to make sure the names of the speakers or technical terms are accurate 
  3. Editing transcripts for typographical mistakes and preparing them for the record 
  4. Providing copies of recordings and transcripts to whomever is involved 
  5. Transcribing television or movie dialogue onto screens for the hearing challenged

Not all trained court reporters in Houston work in the legal setting or in courtrooms. These reporters serve people who are deaf or hard of hearing by transcribing speech, either from television or broadcasters, to text as the speech occurs. Regardless, this is a challenging career since it requires one be able to type accurately as quickly as one speaks.

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