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What to Expect With Quality Trial Support

Datascope Admin - Friday, September 30, 2016
Trial support technology.

Datascope provides quality trial support in Houston. We understand trial support where many do not. Here is what to expect out of our quality trial support services.

Where Litigation Meets Technology

Trial support is technology married with project management for legal purposes. Essentially, trial support is the preparation of case materials using computer systems. There are primarily three ways that trial support is used.

  1. Electronic courtroom presentations
  2. Managing and analyzing legal documents, both paper and electronic
  3. Producing and working with electronically stored information (ESI)

Dependable Trial Support

Many firms offer excuses, mediocre results, and problems thrown back to you for you to resolve. No matter how strong the evidence may be, it is hard to be successful in litigation without a strong support system. The most experienced and accomplished litigators know how valuable support is to any case. When the time for trial arrives, you need dependable trial support services for a successful case.

Datascope Delivers Excellence in Trial Support

Dependable and reliable, Datascope is a full-service trial support company, offering a wide range of litigation support services both locally and nationally. Here are some of the trial support services that Datascope offers.

  • Preparation, service, and filing of subpoenas 
  • Preparation of legible, high impact exhibit boards 
  • Video deposition editing 
  • VHS transfer to CD or DVD 
  • Trial notebook copying, custom labeling, and binding 
  • Tape duplication 
  • X-ray duplication 
  • Positive prints of X-rays

Datascope delivers a high level of expertise and reliability. Datascope performs without excuses, provides the results you need, and solves problems when they arise. At Datascope, you get performance with results! Contact us for more information today.

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