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What are the Attributes of High-Performing Court Reporters in Houston?

Datascope Admin - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The best court reporters in Houston are detail oriented, fast-typists who can instantaneously relay spoken words to the keyboard. These are skilled communicators with excellent reporting skills. Transcription abilities are also essential to the position. Court reporters are excellent typists and elite proofreaders. The best court reporters really do love the written word.

The Everyday Challenges of Court Reporting

There is also a much more practical side to the life of a court reporter. They have to be reliable, show up on time, perform as typists in a real time talking environment with efficient speed and impeccable accuracy. This can be a stressful position as it requires excellent spelling, grammar, punctuation and attention to detail. Those who are skilled with the English language in its written form often find the work to be rewarding.

Court reporters need a strong work ethic. The best are willing to work hard and have a commitment to the position's challenges. They must be cooperative, focused and ready to adjust to a dynamic work environment. The best reporters thrive in a deadline driven environment, be willing to work with a number of other people and have superior proofreading skills.

This is the perfect position for someone who enjoys typing, loves language and truly enjoys putting spoken words into the written form. Perhaps most important is the reporter's ability to concentrate during pressure-packed situations and think clearly in the presence of others.

Trusted and Impartial

Court reporters are required to be trustworthy and unbiased toward legal parties. This person transfers sensitive and confidential audio into written words in a completely impartial manner. It can become an emotionally draining and stressful position when transcribing certain dramatic events.

Court Reporters Practice Flexibility

The majority of court reporters work in traditional courtrooms during regular business hours. It is not uncommon for court reporters to make trips to various locales to transcribe different types of proceedings. So court reporters should be willing to work on the road if necessary. The best court reporters are flexible and willing to put in a bit of extra work when necessary.

Trending Toward Tech

The position of court reporter is no longer an old fashioned job involving a typewriter and a desk. Today's court reporters must engage with new technologies for reporting, interacting with attorneys and courts and generally solving problems. This is a demanding line of work that rewards quick-thinkers who are comfortable using new hardware, software and other high-tech resources in a dynamic working environment.

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