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Here’s What Quality Court Reporters Do

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A deposition is only as valuable as the official record that it produces. When a court reporter doesn't get the job done, the official record could be inaccurate or the deposition could even be thrown off schedule. Getting the right court reporter is a crucial part of the litigation process. Before hiring a court reporter, it's important to do some homework and makes sure the reporter is the best choice for the job. Here’s what to look for in a quality court reporter.

Certified court reporters.

Certified, Knowledgeable, and Exceptional Court Reporters

First off, quality court reporters must be certified. There is no way around that. Second, quality court reporters are up-to-date and utilize the latest technologies with fluency. Third, quality court reporters must provide fast, professional, and reliable service. Quality court reporters must consistently provide punctual and exceptionally detail-oriented work.

Quality Court Reporting Services Include

  • Technical, medical, and expert transcriptions 
  • E-transcripts 
  • Condensed transcripts 
  • PC-compatible transcripts 
  • Archived transcripts 
  • Word index 
  • Realtime/ daily copy 
  • Synchronized text 
  • Language interpreters 
  • Legal video 
  • ASCII 
  • Notice and subpoena service 
  • And more

Datascope Litigation Provides Quality Court Reporters

Quality court reporting is what Datascope Litigation Services provides. Our long list of loyal attorney and law firm clients provides testimony to our commitment to providing fast, professional, reliable, and knowledgeable certified court reporters. When you need top-performing court reporters, you can count on Datascope Litigation Services to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve been the leader in court reporting, legal videography and litigation support since 1974! We provide quality court reporters in Houston, San Antonio, and Rio Grande Valley. Contact us today for more information.

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