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Reduce Expert Witness Costs with a Video Conference Deposition

Datascope Admin - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Consider a video conference deposition as the most economical way to get the needed testimony that is important to the case without having to go over budget and hope for forgiveness later. Keep it simple; the expert witness can be in one location and the deposing lawyer(s) in another.

video conference deposition

Video Conferencing versus Travel

Save money on expert witness time and travel costs through the use of video deposition. Not only is video conferencing is a relatively simple process that requires a modicum of setup to achieve, but it provides superior cost savings over flying in the witness by not having to pay for a plane ticket, hotel transportation, and other possibly incurred travel costs.

The Expert Witness is in Chicago, but the Deposition is in Rio Grande Valley

So, the expert witness is needed badly, except the budget is a strict one. Instead of trying to find the money, or go over budget and hope all will be forgiven, consider a video conference deposition arrangement.

Choose video conference depositioning as your solution to everyone involved being thousands of miles away from one another while still providing valid testimony for the purpose of discovery or court. Save money with a video conference deposition, as opposed to worrying about all of the costs incurred from travel.

There’s a Potential Expert in Cleveland, but that Deposition is in Rio Grande Valley

There may be a potential expert somewhere across the country from where the deposition is to be held, so why garner the costs of flying out to interview a potential expert witness or stress about flying a potential expert witness in?

A remarkably simple and economical alternative is a video conference deposition interview. On top of saving costs, a big plus is that a video conference deposition interview can be recorded. That way, the potential expert witnesses’ mannerisms, appearance, and more can be evaluated in further detail for a better-determined fit for the role(s) of expert witness.

Save Money While Creating a Solid Argument

Travel costs are an inevitable part of a deposition with an expert witness. Travel costs can be greatly reduced when utilizing a video deposition setup. The expert can still charge for travel time, but it's to the location of the office where the deposition is being heard. It's much cheaper to pay for an hour's worth of travel time as opposed to paying for long distance traveling.

The end result is still achieved in that the testimony is valid and can be read into the record, along with the fact that the argument is bolstered by a choice expert witness in their particular field. In the meantime, money is saved on a large scale, keeping everyone satisfied.

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