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The Advantages of Video Conferencing for Depositions

Datascope Admin - Monday, September 02, 2013

Video has taken off as a medium for multiple industries as it provides a ready resource that before was not possible. The explosive growth of YouTube as the number two search engine illustrates the taking-off of video rather well. 

Video Conferencing for Lawyers

That being said, video has found a way to make an impact on the law industry. By cutting costs and time, video has proven to be a valuable tactic - particularly for recording depositions. 

Video also lends its advantages to lawyers as well. The power to easily find clips through digitization (cutting the time spent fast forwarding and rewinding) also serves an extremely useful method to gather clips. Exporting the video to DVD or another reliable tool can easily complete and polish off the process. 

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Video Conference Depositions to Save Time

In addition to the methods that video serves as a means of convenience for gathering information on depositions, it also serves as a valuable resource for video conferencing. Cut the time and travel needed to set up face-to-face meetings by implementing video conferencing in your firm. Litigation support in the form of video can easily allow a firm to gain additional resources needed for a case or speak with key individuals in a trial without having to venture from their office location. 

The use of video, ultimately, serves as a time saver and cost reduction tool for lawyers and also aids all constituents in the trial process by providing a convenient method in which to learn more about the inner workings of a particular case. From video depositions to video conferencing, this digital resource offers many advantages that print and other forms of media simply cannot afford. 

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