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This Is Our Courtroom Technology

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When it comes to making you look good, we are your go-to litigation support services provider. With experience and knowledge that allows us to meet all of your litigation needs, we have become a leader in the court reporting industry. We provide a wide range of services, including those related to records retrieval, court reporting, and trial support in Texas.

Datascope is able to provide first-class legal services thanks to numerous types of technology. We make it simple to retrieve records, including medical and business records. It's also thanks to our unique legal video services that we are able to promote efficiency and effectiveness within your cases. Need to conduct a video conference deposition? That's fine, we can make it happen. By offering you this technology, you can save on travel expenses, access nationwide assistance, and best of all, stay local instead of having to travel across the state or country to perform a deposition.

Courtroom Technology

How Does Datascope Courtroom Technology Keep Witnesses Happy?

Have you ever secured a witness only to discover that as time passes by, the witness becomes a bit hostile due to the multiple meetings you have with them? If so, you should take advantage of our legal video technology. You can speak with witnesses from anywhere at any time, which reduces the likelihood that they will feel as if they are being deposed without any tangible benefit to them or the case you are handling. With legal video technology, you can keep witnesses at home and enhance their cooperation.

With a legal video of the depositions you perform, it becomes possible to present the findings and statements in a very favorable manner since all of the details will be recorded. Having a jury that can watch the video will be much more effective in winning your case than providing them with nothing more than a transcript. Plus, this video can be recorded without having to dish out the money for a videographer.

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