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Trial Presentation & Courtroom Technology: Why it Matters

Datascope Admin - Monday, February 29, 2016

When it comes to trial presentation and trial support in Houston, or anywhere else, there's no denying that the presentation of evidence and mitigating factors is crucial to the overall outcome of the case. Because of this, attorneys and prosecutors must stay current with today's latest courtroom technologies. By taking advantage of various technologies, it becomes possible to present a case to a judge or jury in ways that otherwise would have not been possible.

Court Presentation Matters

Courtroom Technological Amenities

So, what exactly are some of today's best courtroom technological amenities? Here's a close look at three all attorneys and prosecutors should be using.

Multi-Screen Displays

First and foremost, it should be noted that studies have shown "students’ test scores improve by 14 – 15% ... when" courses are taught using two or more simultaneous presentations; this study was conducted with the comparative variable being a single screen of content. With today's newest AV systems, legal professionals can use a single input that works up to three or more output screens; which gives the professionals the ability to connect virtually any device that has an audio and/or video output.

Video Conferencing

Have a high-profile witness who isn't being subpoenaed to court but you want to testify on your client's behalf? If so, this may require you persuading to the witness that they won't have to go out of their way to testify. Or perhaps you have a witness who is in jail, but you can't secure a court order to have this person transferred to the courtroom on the date of the trial you are working. No matter the reason, video conferencing proves to be of the utmost value in these types of situations.

Audio and Video Recording

In today's age and time, there is no more having to wear a wire when acting as an informant. Instead, cameras, including those with audio and video recording capabilities, can easily be integrated into just about anything: button, smartphone, hair clip, etc. With this type of technology available, there's no reason for not exploiting every single piece of evidence you can gather to defend your client's stance in a trial.

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