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Video Conference Deposition is the Most Efficient Option

Datascope Admin - Monday, June 27, 2016

video conference deposition most efficientIn the age of the Internet, electronics have influenced nearly everything from business to leisure to even the news media. The legal profession is not immune to these changes.

That being said, video depositions are now very commonplace and accepted in most courtrooms. The simple fact is that video depositions are more engaging and interesting to a jury than a written deposition, even a very well-written one. Datascope can provide a video conference deposition fit for any case, which can save clients valuable time and money.

Elevating from Acceptable to Fantastic

This technology can elevate an acceptable written testimony to fantastic testimony, when and if it is presented as a video. Law firms are recognizing this reality and many are working to ensure that they include video depositions in their courtroom proceedings.

Video quality is also crucial, since using something like a webcam may provide unacceptable video quality for court. Trial support like that provided by a firm such as Datascope can help a client effectively present their case with video deposition editing, preparation, service and filing of subpoenas, and exhibit boards.

Video Depositions

Video depositions can also prove invaluable outside of the courtroom. They can help you decide whether or not to call certain witnesses to the stand, as well as aid in your preparation for cross-examining and/ or direct-examining those witnesses.

Due to the development and expansion of video technology, it is now more affordable than it ever was previously. However, it is important for lawyers who plan to use such technology to consult their state laws about making a video deposition on their own.

Proper Behavior

Video depositions are visual in nature. Thus, a lawyer should assist clients in proper behavior when participating in a video deposition. This includes body language, eye contact, and what the viewers take away from this non-verbal communication. It is crucial to watch how the client speaks, as well. Long pauses or incessant usage of words like ‘OK’ may become irritating. Firms like Datascope offer high quality video services with certified legal video specialists, so the client knows that any video deposition will meet the needs of the courtroom.

Video Deposition Applications and Software

Finally, there are many applications designed to work with software that allows lawyers to edit videos depositions online. Such applications include DepoView by inData, LiveNote by WestLaw, and iBlaze by CT Summation. Records retrieval like that offered by Datascope helps the client obtain all necessary documents needed for the trial, and, more specifically, for the creation of reliable video depositions.

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