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What Makes a Quality Video Conference Deposition?

Datascope Admin - Monday, November 30, 2015

Many attorneys still travel for purposes of depositions, but travel entails flights, hotels, decreased productivity and increased litigation costs for the client. Now they can attend and participate in depositions anywhere in the world through one of our video conference centers. Our goal is to give all deposition participants the highest broadcast quality video conference depositions possible, even if everybody is scattered across the country.

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Download Speeds

Download speeds are critical for quality and seamless video conference depositions. We prefer that everybody has hard wired internet connection as they avoid connectivity issues that a wireless connection is more likely experience. This is particularly important for the witness. An average download speed of 30 Mbps and upload speed of 9 Mbps should be sufficient for what you'll want to send to and receive from the other deposition participants. We'll run a test conference with all of the participants in your deposition for purposes of fine tuning before the proceeding begins.

The Room

We'll provide a room that's designed for video conferencing and assures proper lighting and sound controls and sufficient space. Our custom audio connection will sound significantly better than the built-in mic on a laptop. We avoid a noisy room like one in a high traffic area of an office or one that the entire audio, visual and temperature environment can't be controlled in. The room is comfortable and without any visual or voice obstructions or interference.

Positioning of the Witness

You don't just want a talking head at a video conference deposition, but the positioning of the witness is up to you. Attorneys usually want to see as much body language from the witness as possible. That adds another element to weighing his or her credibility and demeanor. Seating the witness too close to a table might not permit you or a jury to notice finger tapping or other signs of nervousness or anxiety. Using more than one camera might help too, especially if one is stationed behind the witness to make sure there's no prompting.

Our video conference deposition service allows you the convenience and ability to connect nationwide or anywhere in the world without the necessity of travel, hotels, taxis or other expenses. Our facilities, networks, videographers and reporters are fully certified. Feel free to contact us about the ways we can link everybody in your deposition together.

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