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What Makes Quality Court Reporters in Houston?

Datascope Admin - Friday, December 18, 2015

A deposition is only as valuable as the official record that it produces. That's one of the reasons why experienced and professional court reporters are so in-demand by attorneys. A good court report is reliable, accurate, and provides the highest levels of service. When a court reporter doesn't get the job done, the official record could be inaccurate or the deposition could even be thrown off schedule. Here are a few things attorneys may want to consider before hiring court reporters in Houston, or anywhere else, for their next deposition.

Houston Court Reporting

Quality Reporting

Perhaps more than anything else, a court report needs to be accurate and it needs to be completed fast enough that it doesn't delay the deposition. The best way to gauge a reporter's quality may be to ask the reporter for references. Then call the references and be sure to ask about speed, reliability, and the quality of the finished report.

Also, an attorney may want to look at example of the reporter's work. Is it formatted correctly? Is it bound in a way that makes it easy to read? These are important questions to consider before hiring a reporter.

Online Scheduling

In today's fast-paced litigation world, an attorney may not have time to pick up the phone and schedule a reporter. The more time an attorney spends on administrative issues like scheduling, the less time he or she can dedicated to a case or to gaining new clients. The best court reporters offer online scheduling, so an attorney can get a reporter on the calendar with just a few clicks.

Written Guarantee

At the end of the day, a court reporter should be willing to stand behind their work. Many court reporter services do so in the form of a written guarantee that an attorney can get a refund if he or she is not happy with the reporter's work. If a reporting service isn't willing to provide such a guarantee, that could be a very bad sign.

An attorney would be wise to ask a potential reporting service what their policy is if the work is unsatisfactory. If the reporter is confident in their work, they shouldn't hesitate to offer some form of satisfaction guarantee.

Getting the right court reporter is a crucial part of the litigation process. Before an attorney hires a reporter, it's important that he or she does some homework and makes sure the reporter is the best choice for the job.

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