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What can Datascope court reporting services do for me?

We provide certified court reporters throughout Texas. Our court reporting services include realtime/ daily copy, e-transcripts, condensed transcripts, archived transcripts, synchronized text, language interpretation, and more.

Datascope court reporting.

The Critical Role of Court Reporters

Court reporters in Houston and elsewhere play an important role in the legal system. Most work for local or state governments in a variety of courts as well as legislatures, or they may operate in a remote fashion. Court reporters are detail oriented, quick thinkers who can take the spoken word and type it on a keyboard in a moment's notice. Their skills as elite communicators are critical to the court room's operation.

Legal Transcription is an Essential Component of the Legal Process

Court reporters' transcripts are vital to the ebb and flow of the courtroom as well as the legal process itself. Everything that is said in the courtroom must be put onto paper. A court reporter takes down each and every word uttered immediately after it is verbalized. Having these transcripts on record allows everyone to search effectively for the data they need within the transcript.

Remarkable Court Reporting Talent at Datascope

Court reporters are a very integral part of the courtroom. We employ certified court reporters with remarkable court reporting talent only. Excellence in court reporting comes only through accurate and timely performance. With Datascope, you can be assured you will have among the highest quality court reporting in Texas.

Datascope: the Texas Leader in Court Reporting

Datascope has been the Texas leader in court reporting since 1974. We understand the litigation support business better than anyone in Texas. We are also conveniently located throughout Texas, with offices providing our litigation support in Houston, San Antonio, and Edinburg. Datascope reporters take depositions locally and all across Texas. Nationwide service is available.

Our court reporters expertly utilize the latest technologies. Our long list of loyal attorney and law firm clients provides testimony to our commitment to providing fast, professional, and reliable court reporting services.

Court Reporters from Datascope Provide:

  • Technical, medical, and expert transcriptions
  • E-transcripts
  • Condensed transcripts
  • PC-compatible transcripts
  • Archived transcripts
  • ELMO document camera
  • Word index
  • Realtime/ daily copy
  • Synchronized text
  • Language interpreters
  • ASCII Notice and subpoena service
  • Conference rooms
  • And more

Excellence in Litigation Support

Datascope delivers excellence in Texas litigation support. Call Datascope today to learn about all of the quality trial support in Texas that we can provide you!

Call Datascope at (713) 688-9300

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