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What litigation support services does Datascope provide?

We provide records services, court reporting, and legal videography. Excellence in document procurement, duplication, and handling is critical to litigation. We provide on-time and accurate delivery of case-sensitive material.

Datascope legal support services

Legal Videography at Datascope

Datascope offers state-of-the-art video services, including video depositions, day-in-the-life video, and courtroom playback. We consistently make sure to deliver the highest quality video services using certified legal videographers.

Legal Video Services with Datascope Include:

  • Video depositions 
  • Day-in-the-life video 
  • Video photo collage 
  • Video editing 
  • Audio & videotape duplication 
  • Courtroom playback 
  • VHS to CD-ROM or DVD 
  •  Video synchronized to transcript 
  • And more

Court Reporting at Datascope

We employ certified court reporters with remarkable court reporting talent only. Excellence in court reporting comes only through accurate and timely performance. With Datascope, you can be assured you will have among the highest quality court reporting in Texas.

Court Reporters from Datascope Provide:

  • Technical, medical, and expert transcriptions 
  • E-transcripts Condensed transcripts 
  • PC-compatible transcripts 
  • Archived transcripts 
  • ELMO document camera 
  • Word index 
  • Realtime/ daily copy 
  • Synchronized text 
  • Language interpreters
  • ASCII Notice and subpoena service
  • Conference rooms
  • And more

Legal Records Services at Datascope

Datascope is the premier records retrieval service for a many types of records, including medical, financial, business, scholastic, employment, or self-authenticated public documents. Our team obtains them all!

Records Services with Datascope Include:

  • Depositions by written questions 
  • Notice preparation
  • Subpoena service for written depositions
  • Records by authorization with affidavit
  • X-ray duplication, photographs, slides, and CD-ROMs
  • Affidavits concerning costs & necessity of services under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code 18.001
  • Domestic public documents under Seal Records for use in state court, federal court, and arbitration
  • And more

Excellence in Litigation Support

Datascope delivers excellence in Texas litigation support. Call Datascope today to learn about all of the quality trial support in Texas that we can provide you!

Call Datascope at (713) 688-9300

Or use our contact form to get in touch and we will respond immediately.
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