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What can Datascope records services do for me?

We provide records retrieval and copy service. We are the premier records retrieval service for medical, financial, business, scholastic, employment, or self-authenticated public documents, and we treat every copy as being critical to your case.

Datascope records services.

Datascope Records Retrieval and Copy Service

We provide thorough records retrieval and copy services for the following types of files: medical, financial, business, scholastic, employment, and self-authenticated public documents.

Datascope Provides the Following Features:

  • Records by authorization with affidavit
  • CD-ROMs, photographs, slides, and X-ray duplications
  • Domestic public documents under Seal
  • Records for use in state court, federal court, and arbitration
  • Affidavits concerning costs & necessity of services
  • And more!

Convenient Locations in Texas and Online Services

You can visit or contact one of our three conveniently located offices for our services. We currently have offices in Houston, San Antonio, and Rio Grande Valley. You can also fill out our order forms here that pertain to your service needed and quickly fax your information to the pre-filled out number on the forms.

All clients receive an online account for secure access to their records at any time. Once you’re a Datascope client, you can visit our Customer Online Office to order records, check order status, and obtain other important information from wherever you may be.

Datascope Excellence in Litigation Support

Datascope is a full-service litigation support company. Since 1974, Datascope has expanded the horizons of the legal profession by delivering quality records services, court reporting, legal videography, and the list is growing. Datascope is a leader in trial support in Texas. Contact us today for more information.

Call Datascope at (713) 688-9300

Or use our contact form to get in touch and we will respond immediately.
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