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Professional camera for legal video deposition.

Legal Video

Datascope offers state-of-the-art video deposition services.

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Video depositions provided with Datascope's state of the art video conferencing equipment.

Video Conference Deposition

Our video conference deposition services let legal professionals

  • Interview witnesses
  • Take expert testimony
  • Depositions from around the world

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Stenograph for Court Reporter.

Court Reporters

Datascope reporters take depositions locally and all across Texas.

Technical, medical, and expert transcriptions.

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Legal video conference deposition.

Video Deposition & Video Conference Services

Video depositions are now common practice. Datascope delivers the highest quality video services using certified legal video specialists.

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Litigation support Houston and legal office support.

Litigation Support

When the time for trial arrives, you need dependable litigation support services.

At Datascope, our moto is simple:
We Perform!

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Litigation Support Houston, TX

Datascope Delivers Litigation Support Houston

Since 1974, Datascope has expanded the horizons of the legal profession by delivering quality records services, court reporting, and legal videography. Datascope is the leader in litigation support. Our commitment is "whatever it takes" -- you never get excuses, gimmicks, or empty promises. At Datascope, you get performance with results!

Excellence in court reporting comes only through accuracy and timely performance. With Datascope, you can be assured you will get both.

Excellence in document procurement, duplication, and handling is critical to litigation. Our reputation for on-time, accurate delivery of case sensitive material is unsurpassed in the industry.

Excellence in litigation support - Houston services requires a high level of expertise and reliability. Most firms, however, offer excuses, mediocre results, and problems thrown back to you for you to resolve. Datascope performs without excuses, provides the results you need, and solves problems when they arise.

Datascope is committed to providing outstanding service that comes with over 30 years of experience. There are no excuses for incomplete or incorrect documentation. With Datascope, litigators get results that deliver a competitive edge in the courtroom.

Don't just take our word for it -- the market research experts at Coleman and Coleman say:

Reliable and very efficient." "Exceptional firm -- always professional, reliable and knowledgeable.
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Ranked the #1 litigation support Houston company by numerous legal professionals.
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Litigation Support Houston, TX Services from Datascope


Deposition video conferencing in Houston.

Trial support services in Houston

Court reporters in Houston.

Legal copy services.

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Records retrieval

Records Retrieval

Datascope is the premier records retrieval firm. Medical, financial, business, scholastic or employment.

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Deposition video conferencing.

Legal Video

Datascope offers state-of-the-art video services: Video Depositions, Day-in-the-Life Video, Courtroom Playback.

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Online Office for Attorneys and Court Reporters.

Customer Online Office

You can order records online, check order status, and obtain other important information.

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Datascope serves paralegals.


Our job is to serve you - the paralegal. We recognize that we have to make you look good.

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