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Five Types of Trial Support

Datascope Admin - Friday, September 30, 2016
Trial support in Texas. ..

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What to Expect With Quality Trial Support

Datascope Admin - Friday, September 30, 2016
Trial support technology. ..

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Five Facts About Court Reporters

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Here’s What Quality Court Reporters Do

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Datascope Provides a Wide Range of Litigation Support

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, July 06, 2016

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Video Conference Deposition, the Most Efficient Option

Datascope Admin - Monday, June 27, 2016

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What Makes Quality Legal Video Services?

Datascope Admin - Thursday, March 31, 2016

When it comes to having your personal and business legal matters handled in the best manner possible, it is imperative that you acquire legal video services. With professional-level video production capabilities, litigation attorneys will use dedicated services to present your case in the most favorable light possible.

It's through legal video services that you can have around-the-clock access to your witness, which allows the jury to be put in the deposition room. They can easily view the witness's body language, which will greatly influence the outcome of the case. After all, the only way to give a true picture of the details making the case.

great legal video service

Expert Legal Video Service

Those involved in a case that requires legal video services will need to partner with a company that has expertise, knowledge, and permission to enter into the vicinity that a witness may be located. In some instances, this may require that the video services be performed out of state or out of the country. Getting a witness to come to your location may not be possible, but with first-class legal video services, you can rest assured that your witness is available at all times.

Please keep in mind that without legal video services, a transcript (which doesn't evoke emotion) will be what the jury and judge go on to make a verdict. With a recording of the witness, though, emotions and body language will convey the true character of the witness, often leading to a much more favorable outcome.

Today’s Technology

With today's technology, there is no reason not to take advantage of legal video services. In fact, these services have been in use for far longer than you probably think. Once the recording has been completed, transcription services can be performed, as well as viewings and editing of the content, which helps ensure audio and video are properly synced.

There are laws that have to be followed to ensure a legal video is compliant with rules and regulations. This is why it's important to make sure you are receiving your services through a reputable and trustworthy videographer. Contact us today to learn more about handling your legal video in Houston, San Antonio, or any other part of Texas, the right way.


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This Is Our Courtroom Technology

Datascope Admin - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When it comes to making you look good, we are your go-to litigation support services provider. With experience and knowledge that allows us to meet all of your litigation needs, we have become a leader in the court reporting industry. We provide a wide range of services, including those related to records retrieval, court reporting, and trial support in Texas.

Datascope is able to provide first-class legal services thanks to numerous types of technology. We make it simple to retrieve records, including medical and business records. It's also thanks to our unique legal video services that we are able to promote efficiency and effectiveness within your cases. Need to conduct a video conference deposition? That's fine, we can make it happen. By offering you this technology, you can save on travel expenses, access nationwide assistance, and best of all, stay local instead of having to travel across the state or country to perform a deposition.

Courtroom Technology

How Does Datascope Courtroom Technology Keep Witnesses Happy?

Have you ever secured a witness only to discover that as time passes by, the witness becomes a bit hostile due to the multiple meetings you have with them? If so, you should take advantage of our legal video technology. You can speak with witnesses from anywhere at any time, which reduces the likelihood that they will feel as if they are being deposed without any tangible benefit to them or the case you are handling. With legal video technology, you can keep witnesses at home and enhance their cooperation.

With a legal video of the depositions you perform, it becomes possible to present the findings and statements in a very favorable manner since all of the details will be recorded. Having a jury that can watch the video will be much more effective in winning your case than providing them with nothing more than a transcript. Plus, this video can be recorded without having to dish out the money for a videographer.


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Trial Presentation & Courtroom Technology: Why it Matters

Datascope Admin - Monday, February 29, 2016

When it comes to trial presentation and trial support in Houston, or anywhere else, there's no denying that the presentation of evidence and mitigating factors is crucial to the overall outcome of the case. Because of this, attorneys and prosecutors must stay current with today's latest courtroom technologies. By taking advantage of various technologies, it becomes possible to present a case to a judge or jury in ways that otherwise would have not been possible.

Court Presentation Matters

Courtroom Technological Amenities

So, what exactly are some of today's best courtroom technological amenities? Here's a close look at three all attorneys and prosecutors should be using.

Multi-Screen Displays

First and foremost, it should be noted that studies have shown "students’ test scores improve by 14 – 15% ... when" courses are taught using two or more simultaneous presentations; this study was conducted with the comparative variable being a single screen of content. With today's newest AV systems, legal professionals can use a single input that works up to three or more output screens; which gives the professionals the ability to connect virtually any device that has an audio and/or video output.

Video Conferencing

Have a high-profile witness who isn't being subpoenaed to court but you want to testify on your client's behalf? If so, this may require you persuading to the witness that they won't have to go out of their way to testify. Or perhaps you have a witness who is in jail, but you can't secure a court order to have this person transferred to the courtroom on the date of the trial you are working. No matter the reason, video conferencing proves to be of the utmost value in these types of situations.

Audio and Video Recording

In today's age and time, there is no more having to wear a wire when acting as an informant. Instead, cameras, including those with audio and video recording capabilities, can easily be integrated into just about anything: button, smartphone, hair clip, etc. With this type of technology available, there's no reason for not exploiting every single piece of evidence you can gather to defend your client's stance in a trial.


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You'll Save Money with Our Litigation Support

Datascope Admin - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When it comes to resolving a case that has been taken to court, you will almost always benefit from litigation support. Expanding the horizons found within the profession of legal representation, litigation support envelopes a variety of tasks related to court reporting, records and documentation, and legal videography.

What is litigation support?

When you take advantage of litigation support, you will have a team of legal professionals on your side. These individuals will work tirelessly to make sure your pending litigation is handled in the most favorable manner, including the outcome that you are able to secure. It depends on the type of case that you have as to which type of litigation support you will need. For example, if you have a federal case, you will want to obtain litigation support from an agency that has much experience in litigating federal cases.

What all is involved in litigation support?

Many people overlook the many activities that are involved in having a professional litigation support team. From document procurement to investigating and the handling of sensitive information, litigation support often determines the outcome of a case, with those who take advantage of these services being able to secure a more favorable outcome.

At the heart of any litigation are project management and technology. By combining these two activities, it becomes possible to follow specific standards, with the end result being to manage the case in the most efficient and effective manner possible. As to be expected, the more complex the case, the greater the value of litigation services.

If you have a case that is in need of Texas-based litigation support, please don't overlook the many services provided by the reputable Datascope. We have much experience in handling a variety of cases, and we strive to create thoughtful solutions for each case we take on. We have the unique ability to partner with both outside and in-house counsel and teams to help ensure all pertinent information is collected to get the results you are going after.


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Litigation Support: We Have What You Need

Datascope Admin - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Law firms must continually compete with other larger, more established ones if they are to stay in business. Part of remaining competitive involves having the right tools available to help attorneys win. Whether they are in need of deposition services, video conferencing, records retrieval, or copy service, MLS Datascope can provide lawyers everywhere with the edge they need to obtain a decisive victory where it matters most: in the courtroom.

litigation support you need in Texas

Service Where and When you Need It

Having a professional court reporter or process server on staff is out of reach for most small or medium law firms. When partnering with MLS Datascope, law firms do not have to hire more people than what they need, when our team is readily available to help when and where they are needed. We operate as an extension of our clients’ law offices, allowing them to obtain the services they need as efficiently and affordably as possible. We are also conveniently located throughout Texas, with offices providing our litigation support in Houston, San Antonio, and Edinburg.

Going Above and Beyond

Some cases may require attorneys to go above and beyond in order to make their case to the jury. We can help with that as well with our wide range of exhibit boards and video equipment. Even those who are not familiar with how to use these items can take advantage of them. Our team of professionals will gladly assist with preparing exhibit boards, editing depositions, tape duplication and more to ensure each case is adequately prepared for trial.

Here at MLS Datascope, our number one goal is to ensure our clients can put their best foot forward in the courtroom. We know that only when they are able to access the right tools can most attorneys be on an even playing field with their competition, and that’s where we come in. When our clients are successful, our business is successful as well. We encourage law firms from throughout Houston, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande area to contact us to discuss ways in which we can help them take their litigation to the next level.


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What Makes Quality Overall Litigation Support in Houston?

Datascope Admin - Friday, December 18, 2015

Datascope in Houston, Texas

No matter how strong the evidence may be, it's hard to be successful in litigation without a strong support system. The most experienced and accomplished litigators know how valuable support is to any case. Litigation support can include everything from deposition space and technology, court reporting, document services, and subpoena servicing. For many attorneys, it's impossible to build this kind of support structure in-house.

Fortunately, litigation support services can fill the void. There are a number of companies that offer a range of litigation support in Houston. However, it's important that an attorney choose the right service. The quality and reliability of the support team can literally make or break a case. Here are a few things to look for in a litigation support partner.

Comprehensive Services

Most importantly, an attorney will likely want to make sure that the support partner offers a robust menu of services. The last thing an attorney usually wants is to use one service for court reporting, another for video depositions, and yet another for document management. Coordinating activity between several different support providers would cost the attorney precious time and resource, which could be better used in litigating the case.

Attorneys can simplify their lives by using a partner that offers every support service they could need. That way, the attorney can manage everything through one point of contact.

Leading Technology

Technology affects nearly every aspect of our lives, and litigation is no exception. Whether it's using video conferencing for a long distance deposition or accessing computer files or web history to track down evidence, technology plays a key role in nearly every type of litigation. To that end, it's important that an attorney chooses a litigation support partner who will continuously invest in the latest support technology.

Online Support

When an attorney is managing a litigation effort, time is often the most valuable resource. That means there's often little time to play phone tag or work through a lengthy email exchange just to complete basic tasks. Online litigation support services can save an attorney crucial time. The best litigation support partners offer online access to most of their services, such as scheduling a deposition room, ordering documents, or hiring a reporter.

The best way to evaluate a litigation support service is often to schedule a meeting. They can share their strengths and how they can help an attorney achieve litigation success.


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What Makes Quality Court Reporters in Houston?

Datascope Admin - Friday, December 18, 2015

A deposition is only as valuable as the official record that it produces. That's one of the reasons why experienced and professional court reporters are so in-demand by attorneys. A good court report is reliable, accurate, and provides the highest levels of service. When a court reporter doesn't get the job done, the official record could be inaccurate or the deposition could even be thrown off schedule. Here are a few things attorneys may want to consider before hiring court reporters in Houston, or anywhere else, for their next deposition.

Houston Court Reporting

Quality Reporting

Perhaps more than anything else, a court report needs to be accurate and it needs to be completed fast enough that it doesn't delay the deposition. The best way to gauge a reporter's quality may be to ask the reporter for references. Then call the references and be sure to ask about speed, reliability, and the quality of the finished report.

Also, an attorney may want to look at example of the reporter's work. Is it formatted correctly? Is it bound in a way that makes it easy to read? These are important questions to consider before hiring a reporter.

Online Scheduling

In today's fast-paced litigation world, an attorney may not have time to pick up the phone and schedule a reporter. The more time an attorney spends on administrative issues like scheduling, the less time he or she can dedicated to a case or to gaining new clients. The best court reporters offer online scheduling, so an attorney can get a reporter on the calendar with just a few clicks.

Written Guarantee

At the end of the day, a court reporter should be willing to stand behind their work. Many court reporter services do so in the form of a written guarantee that an attorney can get a refund if he or she is not happy with the reporter's work. If a reporting service isn't willing to provide such a guarantee, that could be a very bad sign.

An attorney would be wise to ask a potential reporting service what their policy is if the work is unsatisfactory. If the reporter is confident in their work, they shouldn't hesitate to offer some form of satisfaction guarantee.

Getting the right court reporter is a crucial part of the litigation process. Before an attorney hires a reporter, it's important that he or she does some homework and makes sure the reporter is the best choice for the job.


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What Makes a Quality Video Conference Deposition?

Datascope Admin - Monday, November 30, 2015

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Quality Legal Video Services Made Simple

Datascope Admin - Monday, November 23, 2015

Whether a witness is credible can be assessed by their demeanor. Credibility is a question for a jury to decide. When a witness is credible, they're reliable and believable.

How Does Legal Videography Benefit a Trial?

Without videography, evidence deposition testimony in a trial is read from the transcript to the jury. It usually involves the trial attorney reading the questions with another attorney or even a secretary reading the answers. The jury doesn't have the opportunity to assess the credibility of the witness because they never get to see their demeanor.

Without videography, there are times when it's obvious that the person reading the answers didn't even review the deposition transcript before standing in the shoes of the witness. They stumble reading the transcript, particularly when trying to pronounce medical, scientific or technological terms. It's a good way to diminish the credibility of an otherwise fine witness on pivotal factual and evidentiary issues.

Capture the Witness with a Video Deposition

legal video Houston

A video recorded deposition reveals the face of the witness. It captures the tone of their voice and their body language. It shows respect, disrespect, arrogance or humility. A court reporter's transcript is only printed words on pages. When the attorney is in a case where they know that testimony is going to be video recorded, the witness has to be more aware of their demeanor. They're required to be more conscious of their mannerisms, emotions, delays in responding to questions and voice inflections. Those considerations go to the demeanor of opposing counsel too, and they're just not addressed in a court reporter's transcript.

Deciding Whether to Have a Court Reporter at a Video Deposition

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 199.1 allows for depositions to be recorded alternatively by non stenographic means that include video recording. Some trial court judges have ruled videotaped deposition testimony inadmissible for want of a court reporter and transcript though. You'll probably want a court reporter there too, so there's a secondary record. You can arrange for both a certified videographer and court reporter through us at Datascope.

Datascope Litigation Services provides legal video to Houston, San Antonio, and Rio Grande Valley offices that include the McAllen, Edinburg and Mission metropolitan area. All of our videographers are certified for recording court proceedings. We work across Texas.

Quality videotaping of depositions can give you an advantage in your highly competitive litigation practice. To learn more about Datascope Litigation Services videography call 888-713-8393.


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