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Does Datascope provide the same litigation support services at each location?

Yes. We provide the same quality litigation support services. Each of our three locations are outfitted with state-of-the art equipment and service.

Litigation support services in Texas locations.

Video Conference Depositions at Datascope

Save time and money with our video conference depositions! Datascope takes depositions locally and all across Texas. Nationwide service is available. Our video conference deposition facilities are each outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Court Reporters at Datascope

Datascope has been providing court reporting services since 1974. Our reporters are dependable, reliable, and utilize the latest technologies. Our long list of loyal attorney and law firm clients provides testimony to our commitment to providing fast, professional, and reliable court reporters.

Legal Video Services at Datascope

Datascope offers state-of-the-art legal video services throughout the state of Texas. Datascope delivers the highest quality video services using certified legal video specialists who are experts in developing custom legal presentations.

Records Retrieval at Datascope

From medical, financial, or business, to scholastic, employment, or self-authenticated public documents, our team obtains them all! Any records company can handle easy assignments with no deadline, but when the task is difficult and a trial date is looming, Datascope has the necessary experience and expertise.

Process Service at Datascope

At Datascope we are committed and competent process servers. We are dedicated to getting the job done. Our process servers know your case cannot go forward until service is completed. You can rest assured that Datascope will do everything in its power to get the service you need.

Excellence in Litigation Support

Datascope delivers excellence in Texas litigation support. Call Datascope today to learn about all of the quality trial support in Texas that we can provide you!

Call Datascope at (713) 688-9300

Or use our contact form to get in touch and we will respond immediately.
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